fredag 10. desember 2010

coincidence but destiny - That plants a smile on your face

can make you smile

Life is full of coincidence
- people you meet accidently, change you, teach you, help you.. some pass and you forget them, others always stay in your life and some leave it but keeps a memory .. what all of them share, is that all were destiny not coincidence, and all of them always plants a smile on your face!

A smile is a half laugh - its the purest thing on earth. Everyone can laugh, anything can make you laugh, even deep in your sadness if we accidently see something fun we do laugh. There is even an arabic quote that says " Some problems makes you laugh and others make you cry" .. then .. even problems can make you laugh, to laugh is possible ... all the time !

It doesn't mean its not precious to laugh - its very nice - its very great actually, but its not the same as smiling. Not everyone can make you smile, and when a smile plants on your face, it stay there .. deep in your soul - FOREVER !
You can forget what made you laugh last week, but never forget what made you smile, its always there. Thats why I love the half laugh, and thats why I love people I meet by coincidence, and they turn out to be destiny, and plants a smile on my face =)

I remember a person - worth to give as an example, and maybe one of the best I can give.
A day I was going home late, missed my metro and instead of waiting half an hour I decided to bike home.. I thought it will be easy to find the way, of course it should be, they always talk about Oslo as a great city for bikers .. and I started !

I biked and biked and biked .. and I got lost! It wasn't easy as I thought, almost no signs like it should be.. and the clock were ticking, it was getting later and me getting tired ..
Suddenly when I thought I was on the right way, I end up standing in different roads not knowing where to go, left, right or in front?

It was so late - no one to ask, nothing to find .. didn't know what to do. It wasn't right time to start exploring places and chose wrong road. Suddenly I saw a man on a bike far away, so I stopped and asked him, "excuse me, do you know which road I should take to reach "ryen" or centrum of Oslo?"

This man was so gentle - he said he could show me since he is going almost same way, and end up biking me home. It felt better to not be alone so late, he didn't leave me by myself even that we actually passed the place he was going. I cant forget such a wonderful person, he was just TOO NICE !

We kept talking all the time - I found out that he is working in Norway to give his family a better life, originally from Poland, a proud father cause his only son started in medicine, and that he wasn't actually planning to go out this night, but got phone from his employer asking him if he can help him at work. He wasn't actually going this way, but were in his own thoughts and passed the turn he had to take, and thought to keep on even that way takes longer time..

He is a coincidence
Came out by coincidence, passed the turn by coincidence, met me by coincidence, and it was coincidence that I was there at same time and asked him .. coincidence that I got someone to help me to find the way back home and didnt let me bike alone in late hour. Coincidence that he would be so nice and actually stay with me until we reached my place and not to leave when we arrived his..

It was indeed a happy coincidence
A man I maybe never get a chance to meet again, but he will always stay in my memory..

He was a coincidence
Coincidence but destiny, that planted a smile on my face ! =)

søndag 26. september 2010

My Little Gazelle

My friend
- The pure heart, the little child in a beautiful woman -

She got a new haircut, a haircut that reminds her of her childhood, the time when the fairy used to take her teeth and maybe replace some coins instead?

That child that had to grow up early, to end up being a grown up with a little child deep inside.
She runs away from what makes her unhappy and scared, runs away with her smile, with her funny comments that reminds me of cartoons. With the glow in her eyes - That Lovely eyes that reflects responsibility, sadness and at the same time happiness and pureness .. she is a mix of everything - she is just wonderful. She is just like a gazelle, a beautiful sweet little gazelle

My friend - She got a haircut that shows the sweet her, my sweet little gazelle-girl.
People like you - with such a white big heart, the little grown up child with the new haircut that shows more of the pure you - people like you have God always with them - God will inshaallah always be with you my sweet friend!

Dont give up and always have faith
´cause people like you are hard to find

Dont be sad
´case people like you should always be happy

Dont let that coldness take over your life
always stay warm
´cause people like you are always loved

there is no one like you my friend
You are different, You are unique, You are so special

I just want to tell you; I will always be there for you, I will always believe in you and I will always stand by you...
I love you my Gazelle !

torsdag 16. september 2010

Today Marks...

Just like today it started, 16 to 18 September 1982, a massacre was carried out on civilians in two Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut called Sabra and Shatila

Today marks the death of 3500 Palestinian civilians in Sabra and Shatila by Israelis.
Today marks that the world accept that 3500 gets massacred and no one talks - But the 3000 that died in world trade center are still mentioned 9 years later...
Today marks that its not about terrorism and dead, its aboutwho kills and who gets killed.
Today marks that the war against terrorism are not counting all terrorists
Today marks that some people are allowed to kill, while other people get killed just because one in their country was stamped as a terrorist, and no one talk!

Today marks the difference in the world, today marks... allot !

Rest in peace
for all innocents who died in Sabra and Shatila, in WTC, in Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq,
all innocents who died everywhere

Rest in peace
For all who died cause someone forgot to put human life over anything

Rest in peace
For all who died because this life is so unfair


lørdag 4. september 2010


Peace be upon you..

I have not blogged for a while, not because i gave up i have only been on a long vacation, and after that it was our holy month, Ramadan, and time just run away..

He that is without sin, cas the first stone
John chapter 8 - verse 7


"If you find/see something you don´t like in a brother/sister, try to find 1-70 execuses for him/her, and if you can´t find an excuse, say "there might be an excuse, but I don´t know it."
Imam Jaafar al Sadiq

thats what will bring me back today..
Humans, friends, family members and everyone around you .. are a package. You love allot, and there is few things you dont like, but you just need to accept it, cause "you are not without a sin"

Who are we to judge? Yeah, we have choices and we should win the "world-battle" but some are weaker than others in different places and situations, yeah they should not be, but make 70 excuse, what do you know about yourself and your reaction in their situation?

and there is people doing big mistakes, you cant accept it cause its far away from our morals, but try to do a change.. at least you will be honored for trying ! Believe in Humanity, believe in people, BELIEVE in the one that trusts you with his secrets ... There is allot of people that really have allot of good deep inside them, they just need someone to grab them out. BE THE ONE !

have a blessed night for all of you

mandag 31. mai 2010

Free Palestine - Sami Yusuf ft Outlandish - Try Not To Cry

Boycott Israel !

At least 10 activists killed as Israel Navy opens fire on Gaza aid flotilla - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

Peace be upon you

I waked up today to anything but peace.
Yesterday I had a dream for this ship to reach Gaza, today I am speechless, and my heart rips on pain. How much will we accept, before we open our eyes and see what´s happening?

My heart and mind is with all activist and with Gaza. When will this end? Israel is the only country that do break international law in such way and don´t show respect for anyone or anything. Is it so easy to take a innocent persons life? All their crime is that they are fighting for peoples right to live free, to live in peace!

The confrontation took place in international water, they claim that they were defending themselves, and I am bored of this Israeli game. Defend what? You are the one attacking, you are the one who are on a place you don´t have any right to be in. I just wonder, will UN react? Will our civilized countries react? Will we just let Israel pass with this? This is what allows them to do it again... I´ve never heard of a country with such permissions Israel has. Its time to wake up!

Gaza should have the right to allow who and what came out from it and in to it..
Show that you care, boycott Israel!

May their souls rest in peace
La Hawla wala qowwa illa bellah - Hasbi Allah wa ni´ma al-waqil

søndag 30. mai 2010

Occupation - Zero Points !!

Israel was established by the UN in 1948. Since then it has continuously expanded its borders and occupied more Palestinian land and terrorized the Palestinian civil population: The last examples are:

  • The building of an illegal Wall on the occupied West Bank.
  • Continuously expansion of Israeli Semi military colonies on the West Bank
  • Buying and confiscating Palestinian property in East Jerusalem
  • Warfare towards the isolated civilian Palestinian population in Gaza
Millions of Palestinians live under Israeli occupation. In addition Israel also oppresses the Palestinians still living inside the Israeli borders, descendants of the palestinian population. Israel grants Jewish citizens special rights not offered to non-Jews. Most of the Palestinians are Muslims or Christian and are treated as second-class citizens. This discrimination of non-Jews makes Israel a racist state, an apartheid state, similar to the abolished apartheid state of South Africa.


Protest Israel´s occupation and discrimination of the Palestinians and show your support to the Palestinian cause

  • Show Israel that ordinary spectators for the ESC DO care
  • Don´t vote for a state that occupies and oppresses another nation

palestinian committee of Norway, Norwegian Association of NGOs for Palestine, Palestinian/Israel/Oslo, Socialist Youth League of Norway, Red Party, Red Youth, Senior citizens for Palestine, Grandmothers for Peace

This is an action that all these groups took, to support palestine and against a racist country. The picture is taken from Tear the Wall action made by Socialist Youth and Red Youth. We build a wall in centrum in Oslo, and shared flyers with the text above, to ask people to boycott israel in all ways, even in music... in the end of the day, we did tear the wall. Hopefully we will be able to make it one day in Palestine!

Together we can make impossible be possible, together we can make Palestine free!

Peace be Upon you

fredag 28. mai 2010

One good deed vs One bad deed

السلام عليكم
بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Abdullah bin 'Abaas (peace be upon him) reported:
The Messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said that Allah, the Glorious said,
"Verily, Allah Ta'ala has ordered that the good and the bad deeds be written down. Then he explained it clearly how (to write): He who intends to do a good deed but he does not do it, then Allah records it for him as a full good deed, but if he carries out his intention, then Allah the exalted, writes it down for him as from ten to seven hundred folds, and even more. But if he intends to do an evil act and has not done it, then Allah writes it down with him as a full good deed, but if he intends it and has done it, Allah writes it down as one bad deed."
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Truly he is Al-Rahman Al-Raheem, no words can express my love to my Lord

A wise man reminded me of this Hadith today, He said amazing words mashaALLAH: "How can we be blessed with this gift from ALLAH the exalted, and came on the day of judgment with more sins than good deeds? It should be almost impossible, if we live our life in a good way. We are not asked for allot, and the paradise is easy to reach.
So true, wise words from a great man - Alhamdollelah for such people in my country, Alhamdollelah for such blessing from Allah (swt) and Alhamdollelah for being muslim.

subhan Allah wa bihamdi - Subhan Allah al azim

Peace be upon you
Blessed goodnight

tirsdag 25. mai 2010

61% positiveness - True or False?

Positive or Negative?

Six out of ten people in this country think that immigration is positive, according to a poll that Sentio has made for Nationen
- Some people ask if this is true, or is it made by "muslims" ?

While Norway is still wondering if its good or bad, other countries are doing great!
Why is it "the selfish us" who always talks? How can I sleep in my bed, know that I voted no to immigration in Norway, and know that a family are not able to sleep, because of the sound of the bombs, because of the fear for their kids, because of the unfair world ... because I don’t wanna "the unknown" to came to my country.

And then typical answers are: Can you see how they live? They are criminals! Rape, calling all blondes for whore, don`t respect us, kill, terrorists, want to make sharia laws (because some think all immigrants are fanatic muslims) etc etc etc

- Where is the brains?

statistic shows that most of the Norwegian people do not know what Islam is, do now know what prophet Mohammed (pbuH) did or said, or what sharia is - and some people think its becayse of that 61% are positive to immigration, if these 61% knew what Islam really was, they would never accept such in our Nobel Norway ( lets forget about the part that not all immigrants are muslims )

Eh, once again; where is the brains?

Let me tell you that you are wrong, if people really knew what Islam is, who the prophet (pbuH) was, the sharia rules, 100% would be happy for immigration, and the west will help us Muslims fighting to get back the real Islam. Please stop judging Muslims because of some acts made in the name of Islam. When will we understand that not all born Muslims ARE Muslims? When will we start being critical? asks and wonder when something sound illogical? when will you hear us talking? Cause Muslims have been trying to show the truth for a while now, but some just don not want to listen...

So here is some statistic:

  • in 2006 there where 500 terror attacks in EU - only 1 by "islamist"
1/ 500 where by Muslims - 499 where by another groups
Yet, 70% of the suspected were muslims

Should we blame Muslims or this islamic phobia and media?

  • Every year there is between 8000 and 16,000 rapes and attempted rape in Norway, only 6%-12% are reported to the police
How can we make statistic and say that most of the rapes is done by none Norwegian or immigrants? Its maybe easier to report immigrants? Do we know that most of the rapes happens home? The dark figures are very huge, and we cannot make statistic by it! Did anyone try to know what Islam really says about rapes?

I really don´t know who to blame for such Phobia

Those who never listen and want to live in the scary unknown and never see the positive figures in the society or Muslims that don´t try to learn their religion and how the prophets (pbuT) was, and act by anger, traditions and culture that is far away from Islam?

Who can be blamed for this anger? The hate they see around them, or should we blame them for their acts, because if they did not act like that, they would not see hate, and they would not get angry?

Endless questions, no answers! I really don´t know who is the reason for what´s happening today, Muslims, the west .... or both?

But what I know is that Norway has a place for more people, and we need them! This is our country, we should work together not against each other, cause our goal is the same if we look deep inside it. Mutual respect is the code

Still hoping, for a CHANGE, together we can do it =)

Peace be upon you

Some pages worth to read:

Article about rape statistic in norwegian

Terrorist attacks in Europe: 2006

Uri Avnery speech about islam and the sword ;)

torsdag 13. mai 2010


Its not important to change the world, its important that the world does not change you

A quote a friend of me wrote as one of her "favorite quotes" on facebook, and with it I start blogging again...

How deep it is, and how true. Some wants to change the world, and it should always be our goal. Always change to the better, to get a better life for us and all around us, its not about you, its about being a part of a universe, a part of something bigger, and what i wish for myself, i should fight so my brother will have it too... but yet, its important that the world does not change you!

The world is not a paradise, and it was never meant to be. So, we can say that the word itself is not a good place, and it mostly plant negativeness, wars, hate, fights, capitalism, poorness etc etc etc

that has been the worlds problem since Adam (R.A) and maybe will keep on until the day of judgment, thats the change we fight for, thats the change we try to make to the world... but if the world does not change you, if the world does not effect its negativeness on you, if you keep the pure you, maybe it can one day turn to be a paradise.. cause we are born pure, we are learned to be good, and we are actually made with positiveness.

So please, stand up, don´t let the world change you, and please keep trying to help those who changed and could not win the worlds challenges.. Yes, I believe we can do it!

Thank you Sarah M. I learned a lesson, and got motivated to keep on and keep believing.


Peace be on you ...