fredag 10. desember 2010

coincidence but destiny - That plants a smile on your face

can make you smile

Life is full of coincidence
- people you meet accidently, change you, teach you, help you.. some pass and you forget them, others always stay in your life and some leave it but keeps a memory .. what all of them share, is that all were destiny not coincidence, and all of them always plants a smile on your face!

A smile is a half laugh - its the purest thing on earth. Everyone can laugh, anything can make you laugh, even deep in your sadness if we accidently see something fun we do laugh. There is even an arabic quote that says " Some problems makes you laugh and others make you cry" .. then .. even problems can make you laugh, to laugh is possible ... all the time !

It doesn't mean its not precious to laugh - its very nice - its very great actually, but its not the same as smiling. Not everyone can make you smile, and when a smile plants on your face, it stay there .. deep in your soul - FOREVER !
You can forget what made you laugh last week, but never forget what made you smile, its always there. Thats why I love the half laugh, and thats why I love people I meet by coincidence, and they turn out to be destiny, and plants a smile on my face =)

I remember a person - worth to give as an example, and maybe one of the best I can give.
A day I was going home late, missed my metro and instead of waiting half an hour I decided to bike home.. I thought it will be easy to find the way, of course it should be, they always talk about Oslo as a great city for bikers .. and I started !

I biked and biked and biked .. and I got lost! It wasn't easy as I thought, almost no signs like it should be.. and the clock were ticking, it was getting later and me getting tired ..
Suddenly when I thought I was on the right way, I end up standing in different roads not knowing where to go, left, right or in front?

It was so late - no one to ask, nothing to find .. didn't know what to do. It wasn't right time to start exploring places and chose wrong road. Suddenly I saw a man on a bike far away, so I stopped and asked him, "excuse me, do you know which road I should take to reach "ryen" or centrum of Oslo?"

This man was so gentle - he said he could show me since he is going almost same way, and end up biking me home. It felt better to not be alone so late, he didn't leave me by myself even that we actually passed the place he was going. I cant forget such a wonderful person, he was just TOO NICE !

We kept talking all the time - I found out that he is working in Norway to give his family a better life, originally from Poland, a proud father cause his only son started in medicine, and that he wasn't actually planning to go out this night, but got phone from his employer asking him if he can help him at work. He wasn't actually going this way, but were in his own thoughts and passed the turn he had to take, and thought to keep on even that way takes longer time..

He is a coincidence
Came out by coincidence, passed the turn by coincidence, met me by coincidence, and it was coincidence that I was there at same time and asked him .. coincidence that I got someone to help me to find the way back home and didnt let me bike alone in late hour. Coincidence that he would be so nice and actually stay with me until we reached my place and not to leave when we arrived his..

It was indeed a happy coincidence
A man I maybe never get a chance to meet again, but he will always stay in my memory..

He was a coincidence
Coincidence but destiny, that planted a smile on my face ! =)