søndag 26. september 2010

My Little Gazelle

My friend
- The pure heart, the little child in a beautiful woman -

She got a new haircut, a haircut that reminds her of her childhood, the time when the fairy used to take her teeth and maybe replace some coins instead?

That child that had to grow up early, to end up being a grown up with a little child deep inside.
She runs away from what makes her unhappy and scared, runs away with her smile, with her funny comments that reminds me of cartoons. With the glow in her eyes - That Lovely eyes that reflects responsibility, sadness and at the same time happiness and pureness .. she is a mix of everything - she is just wonderful. She is just like a gazelle, a beautiful sweet little gazelle

My friend - She got a haircut that shows the sweet her, my sweet little gazelle-girl.
People like you - with such a white big heart, the little grown up child with the new haircut that shows more of the pure you - people like you have God always with them - God will inshaallah always be with you my sweet friend!

Dont give up and always have faith
´cause people like you are hard to find

Dont be sad
´case people like you should always be happy

Dont let that coldness take over your life
always stay warm
´cause people like you are always loved

there is no one like you my friend
You are different, You are unique, You are so special

I just want to tell you; I will always be there for you, I will always believe in you and I will always stand by you...
I love you my Gazelle !

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