søndag 30. mai 2010

Occupation - Zero Points !!

Israel was established by the UN in 1948. Since then it has continuously expanded its borders and occupied more Palestinian land and terrorized the Palestinian civil population: The last examples are:

  • The building of an illegal Wall on the occupied West Bank.
  • Continuously expansion of Israeli Semi military colonies on the West Bank
  • Buying and confiscating Palestinian property in East Jerusalem
  • Warfare towards the isolated civilian Palestinian population in Gaza
Millions of Palestinians live under Israeli occupation. In addition Israel also oppresses the Palestinians still living inside the Israeli borders, descendants of the palestinian population. Israel grants Jewish citizens special rights not offered to non-Jews. Most of the Palestinians are Muslims or Christian and are treated as second-class citizens. This discrimination of non-Jews makes Israel a racist state, an apartheid state, similar to the abolished apartheid state of South Africa.


Protest Israel´s occupation and discrimination of the Palestinians and show your support to the Palestinian cause

  • Show Israel that ordinary spectators for the ESC DO care
  • Don´t vote for a state that occupies and oppresses another nation

palestinian committee of Norway, Norwegian Association of NGOs for Palestine, Palestinian/Israel/Oslo, Socialist Youth League of Norway, Red Party, Red Youth, Senior citizens for Palestine, Grandmothers for Peace

This is an action that all these groups took, to support palestine and against a racist country. The picture is taken from Tear the Wall action made by Socialist Youth and Red Youth. We build a wall in centrum in Oslo, and shared flyers with the text above, to ask people to boycott israel in all ways, even in music... in the end of the day, we did tear the wall. Hopefully we will be able to make it one day in Palestine!

Together we can make impossible be possible, together we can make Palestine free!

Peace be Upon you

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